Theoretical Model of Human Nature and How it Effects my Role as a Counselor

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My philosophy of life has a consistent theme: it is most important to be a good person, i.e. good to your friends and family, good to your community, good to strangers, good to your environment, good to yourself. If you strive to do the right thing or at least strive to figure out what the right thing is, then you will be contributing to the greater good of mankind.

I believe that we are all united and have a responsibility to each other. We should treat each other as we would want to be treated. This sounds like an easy task, but sometimes it is hard to think of others when we are so focused on our own needs. That is why I believe that empathy is extremely important for a successful society and for a successful individual.

In my philosophy of life love is extremely important. If we can tap into the positive energy of love, life itself will be more positive. We will be able to conquer more tasks; we will be able to forgive easier; we will be able to cope easier, we will be more resilient; we will be able to heal and that is powerful. We should and could live life as a beautiful experience.

I value and encourage others to value honesty, diplomacy, kindness, education, learning, respect, compassion, and empathy. With all of these values combined is a recipe for a more peaceful and successful world. I believe it is truly important to consider others’ feelings, opinions, wisdom, and circumstances. People tend to see this as a lost cause because the world is so corrupt. I say all the more reason. We should bring as much good in the world as we can stand, we can contribute something, something we believe in. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

By human nature we are social creatures....

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...ized the social embeddedness of humans and human knowledge, long before multiculturalism became a focal issue in the profession of counseling (Watts, 2003). Adler campaigned for the social equality of women, contributed much to the understanding of gender issues, spoke against the marginalization of minority groups, and specifically predicted the black power and women’s liberation movements (Watts, 2003). Furthermore, it is stated that the contemporary counseling theory that holds the greatest promise for addressing multicultural issues is Adlerian theory claiming the characteristics and assumptions of Adlerian psychology are congruent with the cultural values of many minority racial and ethnic groups (Watts, 2003). Each person’s problems are viewed in session from a sociocultural context which is unique to that client, rendering multicultural barriers benign.
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