Theodore Roosevelt and His Contributions to the World

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Theodore Roosevelt was a man that made great contributions to this world. He was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City. He was given the nickname Teddy by his family. His parents were Theodore and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt and he had three brothers and sisters. Their names were Anna, Elliot, and Corinne and they all had nicknames just like Teddy Roosevelt. In 1865 he watched Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession from his grandfather’s house. He attended Harvard College and graduated in 1880. His father died of stomach cancer before Teddy Roosevelt could graduate from college.

He then went onto attending Columbia Law School, but quit in two years without getting a degree. He then met his wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, who he married on his 22nd birthday. He also joined the Republican Party in the same year he got married. On November 8, 1881 he was elected into the New York State Assembly. He was the youngest man to be elected onto the assembly, which he served on for two years. He wrote a book called The Naval War of 1812 and was published in 1882. His book was made a requirement reading to be able to join the Naval Academy in Annapolis for a number of years. He then joined the National Guard on August 1, 1882 and was promoted to captain in one year. After serving in the National Guard he established two cattle ranches called Maltese Cross and Elkhorn in North Dakota. His wife gave birth to his first child on February 12, 1884. His first daughter named Alice Lee Roosevelt.

February 14, 1884, was a very sad day in the life of Theodore Roosevelt. On this day his mother, Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, dies of typhoid fever. On that same day, just hours later his wife, Alice, dies from Bright’s disease. Her pregnancy hid all sym...

... middle of paper ..., but lost to Wilson. So he went on a great expedition to South America and on a lecturing tour. Then in February 1917, Teddy asks President Wilson for permission to make a volunteer division to fight in World War I, but he is denied. Yet all his children enlisted into the war, even his daughter enlisted as a nurse. A year later Teddy’s son, Quentin, dies while serving as a fighter pilot in France.

On January 6, 1919 Teddy dies in his sleep of a blood clot at age sixty at his house on Sagamore Hill. Theodore Roosevelt was a great man, who made very many contributions to this nation. Even though his mother and wife died on the same day, he still had the power to move forward. He created national parks to conserve wild life and nature. He was president of the United States and was reelected by the people. This man was a pure, kind heated person who loved nature.

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