Essay On The Difference Between Theodore Roosevelt And Wilson

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“The Election of Theodore Roosevelt, 1912”

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States, was one of the most influential presidents of all time according to many people. Teddy was in office for a total of 8 years or 2 terms. Theodore was sworn into office after the assassination of President William Mckinley by Leon Czolgosz in 1901. Later Roosevelt competed against Alton B. Parker in the 1904 presidential election and ultimately won. Theodore Roosevelt was a type of president that was a people person, as well as a very determined person. He was known to not back down so easy and fought until the very end. Many things are discussed about Roosevelt in this article written by John Lukacs, such as the comparison between Theodore Roosevelt
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Teddy, with a prominent military background and a strong love of big game hunting, than Wilson with a strong intellect background, a very organized and “to the books” personality. Some similarities between the two presidents are that they both decreased the exposure of big businesses. Roosevelt with his famous policy that broke up major railroad, oil, and steel conglomerates, later leading to the Federal Trade Commission. Now with Wilson, The Wilson Administration banned child labors and instituted maximum hours legislation for railroad workers.Teddy was always a hands on president, very active and boisterous. Wilson was more of a reclusive and composed president. Many people debate which president was better, but nothing can deny that both presidents left a legacy on the United…show more content…
In my opinion, if Roosevelt was president during the grueling time of World War I, he would have stood up and sent troops to fight right away. Wilson was neutral with the war, he decided to wait and stay out of the war until completely needed. Roosevelt’s opinion on some of the aspects of the war, “He was appalled by the German invasion of neutral Belgium” (Lukacs, pg. 4). Wilson did eventually send troops in, one of the first actions Wilson asked Congress to do during the war, was to declare war on Germany. He stated about this “The world must be made safe for democracy.” Roosevelt even highly disagreed to Wilson’s foreign policy, saying it was a failure regarding the atrocities in Belgium and the violations of American rights. “Roosevelt privately/not so privately said that Wilson was an abject coward” (Lukacs, pg. 4). Roosevelt, in my opinion, would have gone full force in the very beginning, not hesitating for a second. This is pretty obvious with Teddy being a regular hunter and former soldier. Woodrow Wilson being a sophisticated intellect prompted him to take a “smoother” approach in the beginning of the European War. “The phrase World War became current only a year later, mostly employed by American newspapers and Germans” (Lukacs, pg. 4). Some people even believe that World War I could have ended much sooner than the 4 years that it did, if Teddy Roosevelt was
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