Theodore Roosevelt: A Brief Biography Of Theodore Roosevelt

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Background Information : Theodore Roosevelt is a man with a lot of interest, high standard and things to be proud of. He had become the 26th president of the United States and the 25th vice president of the United States, the 33rd Governor of New York City and Secretary of the US Navy. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City and died on January 6, 1919. He was Also the second child to Roosevelt Sr. ( his father) and Martha Stewart ( his mother ). Theodore Roosevelt was also known as Teddy. For most of Theodore’s life time he was stuck home because of his severe Asthma and at times brought him near to death, this had affected not only his social life, but his personality. Theodore didn’t have much connection to the outside world, he was homeschool and delicately handled by those around him due to the fear of his asthma attacks. Theodore’s father had taken notice that Theodore had many physical challenges that he had to face in life and whenever he was bored Theodore wrote books. The doctors had told Theodore and his parents that there was no cure, but this had not stopped him from being curious and mischievous. At age 22 Theodore ad married Alice Hathaway Lee and had a daughter on February 12, 1884. Two days later after their child was born Alice Hathaway Lee had died due to the cause of kidney failure and brought Theodore to become a single parent. On the same day that Alice Hathaway Lee deceased Theodore’s mother Martha Stewart had passed away because of typhoid fever. After this day Theodore had never mentioned about his wife Alice or their marriage. The death of his wife Alice and his mother Martha Stewart had brought devastation in his life. On December 2, 1886 Theodore Roosevelt had remarried a ... ... middle of paper ... ...and William E. Chandler had to worry about many things as they were in war. For example the expenses of everything: the food, gun, gun powder, ships, boats, armor and etc. He was on target and prepare for these situations, for William E. Chandler said that "the constant changes in the methods of conducting naval warfare imposed by the introduction of armored ships, swift cruisers, rams, sea-going torpedo boats, and high- power guns . . . render imperative the establishment of a school where our officers may be enabled to keep abreast of the improvements going on in every navy in the world." Here William E. Chandler is tell us that even though there are many things that we should look out for all these changes are for a good reason and that is to help our men to fight and win the war for our country. So we much provide for the Calvary all that they need to be ready.

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