Theodore Roosevelt

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The most important person in American history is Theodore Roosevelt. During his life, he made a great impact on America. Roosevelt was the 26th president and fought in the Spanish-American War, also known as the Cuban War. He was the most influential person who supported the completion of construction of the Panama Canal. One of the first and most important National Parks, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota, was named after him too. During his presidency, he inspired many. If it was not for Theodore Roosevelt, our society would not be as advanced as it is today. (A1) Theodore was born on October 27, 1858. He was six when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and he watched the funeral procession from his grandfather's house in New York City. As a child, he was sickly and weak, and suffered from dangerous asthma. (A1) Part of the 4th generation of Roosevelts in this country, his boyhood nickname was "Teedie.". (A1) (A2) Teedie spent most of his free time collecting dead animals or animal skeletons trying to form a small museum he set up in a nursery with his cousins. This was around the time when he was starting to become interested in science. Zoology was his favorite science subject. (A2) He left for Europe for a few years. (A2) Bored from the traveling, Theodore decided to play with his siblings. Unfortunately he played roughly and had a few minor accidents. (A3) After awhile, he noticed it was harder for him to see. By the age of 13 he and his family had found out that he had horrible vision. A few years later he had a huge asthma attack and had to travel to Maine for a few months. (A3) Theodore's father had left his family while his mother moved to the town of Carlsbad for her health. Theodore attended Harvard College from 1876 to 1880. (A4) Since he had such dangerous asthma and being around dust would be dangerous, he had to live in his own private house while attending college. (A4) He had was active in many extracurricular activities, but excelled in boxing, finishing second in the Harvard boxing championship. (B1) His father died in 1878, and Roosevelt took it very hard.

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