Theme Of The Chorus In Oedipus

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In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex he uses a variety of technics to add to the overall work. One of them is his use of the Chorus. Sophocles uses the Chorus for the dramatic purpose of helping to reveal the theme, to establish the atmosphere and mood, and also to give background information to the audience. The role of the chorus is very important in Greek Tragedy. Throughout the play the chorus changes many roles. It acts as a mediator, evaluator or dramatizer depending on the situation.
The role of the chorus in Greek Tragedy is indispensable, as Aristotle once said,” [The chorus] is a dramatic element, an actor among other actors. It shows us the communal background of the action, which is essential to Oedipus [Rex] and to every other Greek Play”
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Their final comment, which is the last speech of the play, shows them numbed and nihilistic. ‘Behold: this was Oedipus, greatest of men.’” ( Sewall, The Vision of Tragedy, 35)

The Chorus commented on how Oedipus was a great man and that what had happen was very tragic. At the end of Oedipus rex the chorus finally comes about the theme of fatalism when they surrender themselves to the will of the gods, when they supplicate after they learn the revelations, “the chorus only to reiterate the old, hard doctrine of hubris call … piously upon Zeus” (Sewall pg. 34). The chorus comments:
“‘Who walks his own high-handed way, disdaining/True righteousness and holy ornament; /Who falsely wins, all sacred things profaning; /Shall he escape his doomed pride’s punishment? /Zeus! If thou livest, all ruling, all-pervading, /Awake; old oracles are out of mind; /Apollo’s name denied, his glory fading; /There is no godliness in all mankind.’” ( Sewall, The Vision of Tragedy,
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