Theme Of Freedom In Oedipus

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March 3, 2016
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Oedipus is a freer man at the end of the play than he is at the beginning.
[00:07:38] Then tell how enslaved he is and how his slavery ends when he is finally revealed as the criminal he 's been seeking.
[00:08:02] It 's a painful journey to self-discovery that is nonetheless liberating.

How can it possibly be argued that Oedipus’ freedom at the end of the Oedipus Tyrannous is greater than his freedom at the beginning of the play?

There is nothing more satisfying then the moment when your head hits the pillow after a long, stressful day or week. When people are faced with problems and stress, they are often very uneasy until the problem is solved, or the problem doesn’t require anymore attention, making one feel “free” of the weight they’ve had to deal with. In the story of Oedipus Tyrannous, Oedipus was continuously tortured by his fate, and continuously tried to avoid the catharsises that eventually occurred. Throughout the play Oedipus is hassled as he is trying to run away from his problems, and at the same time rule the city of Thebes. It can be argued that Oedipus possesses more freedom at the end of the play than the beginning when it is learned that he is at fault of Lias’ death, as he has become aware of his fate, is
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“The father killer is defiled and so must die.” (1441). Because Oedipus dies, he is no longer responsible as king. He can conclusively surrender from the great responsibility of finding the murderer and fulfilling his duties as king. Being released as king, the onerous responsibility to “save” Thebes is a type of freedom. He can finally relinquish his role as a saviour, and is free to embrace the search for a kind of redemption through suffering. “Again and again, so much agony! Memories stabbing, piercing me with pain!”.

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