Theme Of Social Issues In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The film To Kill a Mockingbird includes both political and social issues that are still relevant in todays modern society. The film, originally a book, addresses problems that lie within society. The main character is a man named Atticus who is a father and a respected lawyer in the community. He has two small children, named Jem and Scout, that he tries to teach issues that some people may consider are too difficult for them to understand fully. The film takes place in a small community where there is a struggle to see and treat one another like equal human beings; this can usually be interpreted as racism.

A person can believe that racism is not something that is shocking during this part of history. During this time it was considered normal and actually expected for a white person to be and feel
It shows that people to often have decided what they want to believe even if it is not true. Similar to the film, in today’s society there is a lot of unfairness in the justice system or in a person’s daily life. In today’s society there is still unfairness seen towards people because of their gender, towards people who are part of a minority group, people who have different religious believes or because of their social class. But because people, like African Americans, no longer wanted to be treated with inhumane conditions people protest and push forward movements like the Civil Rights Movement to be able to have and let their children be part of a society that is better than the ones that were part of. People, like Atticus, make society a little better for the others because Atticus is a person who understands that everyone carries different lives filled with different life experiences that shape their life. Atticus does his best to understand while having patience with others, including his

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