Theme And Symbolic Themes Between Divergent And 1984

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Symbolic Themes between Divergent and 1984 It is becoming very clear that the world is becoming overpowered with electronic devices, and it is no one but the people’s fault for the privacy loss that has and will continue to happen. The amount one spends on their phone or computer a day could be described as outrageous and to some a waste of time. People wonder why privacy is becoming an issue and it is clearly because the more technical we get with technology, the more power the government has over the people. Many people do not even realize that they are being watched. When they are on their electronic device they have no idea that the government can very easily be monitoring what they are doing. This is very similar to what happens in the…show more content…
The citizens got to choose where they wanted to spend the rest of their lives and how they wanted to be controlled. Unless of course the citizen was a divergent. The divergent characters were those who had a little bit of everything in them. Beatrice and Tobias were divergent and they did not agree with how their group was taking over and killing innocent people. As Beatrice and Tobias team up and attempt to take over, something happens to Tobias. The government takes over his state of mind and controls him. They control him to the point to where he tries to hurt and fight with Beatrice. The betrayal between the characters is also a common theme between both the novel 1984 and the movie Divergent. As Beatrice finally gets Tobias to realize that it is her he finally comes to his senses and they both continue to try to take over the government control. One of the differences between the novel 1984 and the movie Divergent, is that in Divergent the innocent people succeed. Beatrice and Tobias get control of the government and are able to stop all systems from the killing of innocent people. They do not fall into the government’s trap and start to “love” the government as done in the novel,…show more content…
There is nothing more to it than the citizens feeling traumatized and hysterical. The government takes over and the people are forced to agree and do as they are told. As people read and watch they see as though, the ones who truly believe it is wrong make attempts to change the government by taking very rebellious and dangerous acts against the government’s

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