The situation South Africa Caused By The Blind Acceptance Of Both Religious And Social Levels

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Throughout our existence as a human race, we have each left an everlasting mark on each other that has affected the mental state of every ethnicity and nation. Many times these marks have come to define the very way in which we view our selves in the world society. This is clearly seen in South Africa before, during, and after the apartheid. There we see a group of people who, despite being native to the land, are constantly oppressed by the by a foreign force being the Europeans. In the novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton depicts a stressed South Africa where its people are bent into accepting their place under the rule of their white oppressors. The story revolves primarily around Stephen Kumalo, a priest in a small South African village, while he travels across South Africa in search of his relatives. Through his journey, Paton reveals the religious and political grounds on which the Africans are constantly oppressed and the everlasting legacy of their white oppressors. In this way, the novel is a great example of Post-colonial literature where the evident ruler of the plot is the Blacks vs. Whites conflict in Africa. Whereas the subtle, and often more important, point of the story lies in the analysis of the legacy of the colonizers or whites on the lives of the Africans. Though this story takes place before the apartheid regime, it also provides a parallel for the future of South Africa, where it is, even today, a back water country. It is primarily the blind acceptance of foreign cultures that has caused South Africa to be robbed of its Religion and social customs. In the world, there are many religions, each unique to a certain region. For instance Hinduism is unique to India, but if it was degraded by another r... ... middle of paper ... ...very custom and demand. The situation in South Africa is primarily caused by the blind acceptance of the natives on both religious and social levels. On a religious base, it is important to note the acceptance of the foreign religion can only give way to the certain dominance of an alien force. Also, placing your greatest oppressor as your greatest savior only furthers means for suffering. Secondly, accepting ones place in society is a direct route for social inferiority. There will be many times where certain things must be sacrificed for the greater good, but giving up the very concepts that define a civilization is absolutely absurd. In South Africa, the natives not only succeeded in doing this, but they also implemented the tools of the alien race and imprisoned themselves. And it is to get out of this unprecedented chaos for which they are fighting for now.

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