How the Apartheid Came to Be in South Africa

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In 1948, apartheid was introduced to South Africa. Apartheid means apartness and is the political policy of racial segregation. Each racial group was segregated from other races within South Africa. These groups consisted of whites, blacks and coloreds (Asians and Indians). The minority white population had the rule over the whole country. Apartheid did not only detach whites from non-whites, but it also set apart the Blacks from the Coloreds. When apartheid ended in 1994 a legacy was left behind. Crime and violence became replacements for the road to wealth. Segregation never completely disappeared and black children/teens were also not receiving enough education. Families became split due to apartheid and the loss of parents from AIDS. Lastly Nelson Mandela has also made a huge impact on South Africa. Although many negative events occurred after apartheid, improvements have been made for black South Africans today. To begin with, apartheid gave blacks no freedom. All things such as what type of job you would get, what school you would go to, which bathroom you were allowed to use and etc. was all determined by the whites. Apartheid also made sure blacks were not allowed to live in white neighborhoods. The hated "pass laws" were then made. These laws required all backs and coloreds to carry a passbook with him or her. If they did not have their pass on them, they would face severe punishments. Blacks were not allowed to stay in a white area for more than 72 hours, until a stamp was received on their pass. When apartheid ended it left an affect on many black South Africans today. Due to the apartheid, today black South Africans are angered towards white people. Crime and violence is now extremely popular in ... ... middle of paper ... ...t behind many endowments that will be remembered by everyone around the world, especially South Africans. In conclusion, apartheid made a huge impact on South Africans today. Not only did the apartheid split whites from other races but it also set apart Blacks from Indians and Asians. As apartheid ended a legacy stayed behind. Crime and violence became replacements for the road to wealth. Segregation still existed throughout South Africa, all racial groups were still segregated from other races and black children/teens did not get enough education. Families separated from each other because of apartheid and the death of many parents from AIDS or HIV. Nelson Mandela, an extremely important person to South Africa left a legacy in South Africa. Even though tragic events occurred in South Africa after apartheid, improvements are being made for South Africans.
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