"The show must go...all over the place...or something"

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How does someone grieve? There is never a right way or a wrong way to grieve because no matter what, grief is painful, messy, and emotionally exhausting. On July 13, 2013, the hit musical-comedy show “Glee” suffered a huge loss due to the untimely death of their lead actor, Cory Monteith. “Glee” paid tribute to the beloved actor’s life and memory by airing a tribute in honor of Cory’s and his character Finn’s memory. The episode contained six musical numbers dedicated to Cory and Finn. Those six numbers were covers of “Seasons of Love” by the cast of “RENT”, “I’ll Stand by You” by The Pretenders, which was also covered by Monteith during the shows first season, “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor, “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry, “No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen, and lastly “Make You Feel My Love” originally by Bob Dylan, but was a cover of Adele’s version. In “The Quarterback” instead of killing off Cory’s character right off the bat, you will see that the episode takes place three weeks after Finn’s death. The episode has members of New Directions both past and present members in Lima, Ohio for a special memorial to remember Finn and help them express their grief through song whether they are just there to listen or to actually sing. “The Quarterback” opens with Finn’s friends dressed in all black singing a cover of “Seasons of Love” from “RENT” on an auditorium stage as the song ends a picture of Finn is projected on the wall behind everyone as they all turn around and remember their friend. The cast sounded amazing and the staging was very reminiscent to how “RENT” staged their performance. After “Seasons of Love” it cuts back to a scene where you can see Finn’s step-brother, Kurt, packing and explaining in a voice over th... ... middle of paper ... ... in front of Finn’s locker was beautiful before the show cuts back to a scene of Rachel in the choir room she talks about how much she loved Finn and how much he loved her and all their friends, she reminisces that before Finn she used to sing alone in the car and that “Make You Feel My Love” was the first song they sang together. She dedicates the song to him and starts to sing a highly emotional rendition of the song leaving all of New Directions in tears. What is so amazing about this performance was that everything was real, the tears were real, the heartbreak, the pain, the anguish, all of it was raw and real. During the filming of this tribute episode it has been mentioned numerous times by media outlets that the cast and crew had a hard time getting through takes while trying to manage their own grief of the loss of their friend and their character’s grief.

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