The Value of Intimacy and Love and Civility and Trust to a Society

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Corruption is present in every city and government in one form or another. However, to counterbalance corruption, society needs a form of structure to function properly, whether structures involve features of intimacy and love or civility and trust. Society will see that the majority of people will react positively to have forms of love and trust. Intimacy and love are vastly different compared to civility and trust: I believe that intimacy and love works better in situation with fewer but civility and trust is better situated for larger groups. Thus, I am going to argue that civility and trust outranks intimacy and love in which trust has a greater important to society. Intimacy and love are important factors to interpersonal relationship but as a foundation to not governing and controlling society. Consider a situation of three-person group, or also known as a triad, intimacy and love is not successful majority of time (Freidkin 05/20/10). Take for example, a family of three, a father, mother, son or daughter, has unconditionally love for each other. However, as the teenager grows up, he or she may not always agree with the parents' decisions about their life; and/or vice versa, in which the parents may not like the teenager's lifestyle. This shows that we tend to hold other with high regards and respect when we love another. Also, when we love others, we want the best for them and help them make better decisions to have better relations with the party. In relation to society, intimacy and love are not ideal features because they are too personal; not everyone will let others control their lives and surroundings willingly for strangers. For those who have conflicting beliefs with higher personnel will feel that some choice... ... middle of paper ... ...cknowledgment of differences is realistic because no two people have the same morals and values that do not dispute. This shows that civility and trusts shows tolerances for others' discord and looks for answers to address each problem and conflict. With the application of accommodation, society will have more advantages to prosper due to the idea that the public will work together. Ultimately, society cannot fix corruption with intimacy and love but with civility and trust. Civility and trust is better for group relations, such as society, because it shows tolerance respects for others. Intimacy and love can be used also but it is a lower functioning feature for society because of the pressure to be an “idealized” society. Intimacy and love shows greater achievement in smaller groups because it is more privatized whereas civility and trusts focuses on the public.

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