Bribery in International business

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The development of a country depends generally on the work and values of its society. The image of a country can be severely damaged by certain actions and behavior of their citizens, like bribery. When a country is known as a corrupt nation, not only will the facade of the country be affected, but also the economy. Establishing measures to eradicate corruption are urgently necessary. Corruption has been around since the begging of time, but currently is more common in business, more specifically, international business. Although some organizations have been formed, and conventions have been signed in order to end it, corruption is still one of the mayor problems around the world. An ethical view might bring more insight to why bribery and corruption is not a moral act and why more severe measures should be taken into consideration. Corruption consists in the illegitimate agreement between a corruptor and a corrupted, in which they abuse of their public power in order to obtain personal benefit. Bribery and corruption is something that has been going on for years. According to Allen, “officials perceive themselves as immune to any penalties for demanding and receiving bribes” which she states that it is one of the main reasons for bribery and corruption in underdeveloped countries. According to Transparency International, an organization committed exclusively to end corruption, three of the most corrupt countries in the world are Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan. This does not mean that corruption is only seen in underdeveloped countries. In international business, corporate employees often find themselves dealing with corruptors in foreign countries and, in most cases, they will give in. In the past couple of years we ha... ... middle of paper ... ...actions. The countries that sign the convention are agreeing to create laws that will penalize anyone who bribes a foreign official. Currently, it is integrated by thirty-four countries, both members and non-members of the OECD. However, there have been many complaints about countries that have still yet to provide proof that they are in fact taking care of the corruption in their countries. Currently one of the mayor requirements presented by developed countries is related to the establishment of clear rules in order to provide a secure environment for businesses which will allow them to generate commercial relations while abiding international rules. Works Cited Allen, Moira. "Here Comes The Bribe." Entreprenuer Oct. 2000: n. pag. Entrepreneur. 30 Sept. 2000. Web. 10 Mar. 2014. Cobham, Alex. "Corrupting Perceptions." Foreign Policy 22 June 2013: n. pag. Web.

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