The Value Of Aesthetic Value

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Youto Togoe Philosophy I will be writing my paper on “What is Aesthetic value”. The two readings I will be discussing are Author C. Danto “After the End of Art” and John Dewey “Having an experience. Danto expresses making art into a philosophical meaning and Dewey states that in order to have an experience it must mean something significant. I will be arguing Dewey over Danto. Danto looks at art in a different view through a philosophical manner. When artist began to take risk and press against what they usually knew, that gave way to express things in a different view. Back then people did not realize that anything could be a work of art. Now that has been made possible as long as you look at it in the philosophical perspective and the role that they play. When looking at art from a philosophical point of view there's no shape or color or size involved. With the Brillo box, it is considered as art while others are not. Moving on to say that the outside does not matter when it comes to art but just that mindset in the artwork behind the artwork is what’s important. History has overtaken art and once history turns it over to philosophers they were happy to make art in whatever way they wished, whether having meaning, purpose or no purpose. Danto believed that "the major artistic contribution of the emergence of the appropriated images, which indicates that taking over of images with established meaning and identity and giving them a fresh meaning and identity"(Pg 326) . With this being said this allows a unity of any form, that style is not involved. There is and will be no such thing as a contemporary style. Anything can be of beauty and art and nothing has to mean anything anymore, art has ended in a way that it is no longe... ... middle of paper ... ... to the correct abilities, if there’s an end to it. The brillo Box can be used for Dewey as something to have significant purpose in its shapes, color and purpose. All of those factors should be concluded when looking at artwork. Aesthetic value involves emotions, the emotions are what trigger the senses to admire something, and something cannot be of great beauty or describe someone’s idea without showing emotions. Art has to be detailed, described and appreciated, not just looked at without a purpose. Art denoted a process of making or making, the purpose of art was to be able to see things in another limelight. To Danto art is done with, all the things that mattered to it does not matter any longer. Dewey believes that as long as we’re re all humans and functioning and having experiences and emotions, we are very much capable of having a meaningful experience.
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