The Use Of Magic In Harry Potter?

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Children should and need to be exposed to magic in class rooms and schools while growing up. Some children might not be able to afford books or have a rough time at home and can’t read for entertainment. If children don’t receive this expose in books they will only get it in form of movies, TV shows, and learn form what others say and do. An article said, “Teachers are receiving complaints that teaching the Harry Potter book in classrooms exposes children to ‘witchcraft and Satanism’” (2015, Loughrey) Magic in the book Harry Potter has nothing to do with either of those. Before people read the books for themselves they automatically claim false information. If an adult reads Harry Potter and thinks that is the messages of the book they are …show more content…

Magic is a fake subject and people need to be aware of this before they overanalyze situations. Children being exposed to magic will understand more and have greater creativity skill. The symbol of magic can be represented in many different things and can relate to life. Its healthy for kids to get lost into ta fantasy land by being creative and figuring out the depths of their imagination. If a child didn’t imagine they wouldn’t be able to set goals and think of situations and imagine history. Children figure out that Santa and the Easter bunny aren’t real and soon enough will understand that Harry Potter isn’t real. Disney fairytales are all fake and people understand that is fantasy. It just all depends on how the child learns and how the children will interpret the fantasy life. Magic is an exciting and cool fantasy theme that is fun and people love to know more about it. When the brain is developing reading these stories can help creativity as well as their writing skills. The more children read as a child the greater writers and communication they have. Its beneficial to have kids read and fantasy will take children to new places they have ever been before. Harry Potter was a great book to reflect how magic is a great asset to a book. Harry Potter is an action packed book of curiosity of what will happen next and its book you want to keep reading until the very ends and then start reading the next book of the series. Children will benefit highly from reading magic in literature at young

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