The University Should Raise Tuition Each Year

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The University Should Raise Tuition Each Year

Tuition usually increases once a year, for the main purpose that schools go over their budget and they have to make up that money in some way. The schools are using that extra money to make that school a better place so that existing students and new students think its worth spending their money on, going there for a higher education. There are good and bad things about tuition increases, but the big thing to think about is, are these increases going to help the students? Yes, they are, the schools are increasing tuition so that the students can get there higher education, and feel that they are getting it at a great place. Schools want to help their students get the best higher education they can, but to do that, they have to raise tuition so they can afford to help their students.

Universities have budgets which they are supposed to stick to, and now that they are not sticking to them, they need to raise tuition so that they can make up for the extra money that they spent. “The University of Virginia saw a 20 percent cut in their tuition bill in 1999, is planning a midyear tuition surcharge as bad state-budget news continues to poor in,”(Hebel, 2002). Universities are having a very hard time with their budgets that they need to raise tuition. There is a really good question to ask, why are they going over their budgets? There are many answers to that question, one of them is that the government isn’t giving universities as much money as they used to, another answer is that, they have so many students paying to go to their school, that they feel that they have to keep them there, so they spend money improving programs to help their students get the higher education ...

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.... This way the students get their higher education, and better programs to help them achieve that higher education. Programs such as tutoring really do help students with their classes, and help keep their grades up. Some students have scholarships, and without good grades, they loose their scholarships. As long as raising tuition helps the students, it’s a good idea. Otherwise, they should think about leaving the tuition alone or putting some of that extra money into some new or existing programs. This way, the students know where their money is going; doing this will help students be ok with the idea of tuition increases. If the students are fine with the idea, then it won’t be such a hardship retaining more students and keeping the existing students, because the students are getting something for their money, not just a higher education, but programs and help.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that universities should raise tuition once a year to help their students get the best higher education they can.
  • Explains that universities are having a hard time with their budgets that they need to raise tuition.
  • Opines that if there are better tutoring programs at their school, they will be able to get their needs met and later, get the higher education they want.
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