Argument Against Women In Combat

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713 words

Women in active combat are a very controversial topic with valid points at both sides, but fundamentally, there are just some facts that can’t be ignored. Men and women are not created equal. Now that’s not saying their social status isn’t equal; however, men and women are just not built the same physically. Through evolution men have become more physically inclined to hunt, fight and protect all the properties required for active combat; on the other hand women have evolved to mother children and go through pregnancy with their fragile frames (Nine Fundamental Pros). The point that is trying to be made here is that women weren’t made to see action in the military, so why go against nature to be something evolution did not intend to occur?
First and foremost, Women should not be in combat because men and women are not equal physically. For starters, it has been scientifically proven that men are approximately 30% stronger than women, have larger hearts and lungs, and utilize oxygen intake 20% better, thus leading …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that women in active combat are a controversial topic with valid points at both sides, but there are some facts that can't be ignored.
  • Argues that women should not be in combat because men and women are not equal physically.
  • Argues that women play an important role in today's society, and if they went off to fight in the military, they would not be able to fill those roles.
  • Explains that while men and women may be intellectual equals, they are not the same psychologically. men have better spatial reasoning skills and mathematical abilities due to their psychological wiring.

For example, women are needed in the household to care for their children. Supporters of women in the military might say that caring for children is not solely the responsibility of women, and men are able to care for children as well as women. However, while men are just as capable of raising children as women are, children who are raised without the presence of their mother often face more psychological repercussions than children who are raised without a father (Nine Fundamental Pros). If women were to go into the army, their choice to go to war would not only affect themselves, but also their innocent children. Therefore, women should not go into combat because these innocent children should not have to suffer more psychological damage because their mother went off to war instead of their

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