Need to Stop the Tuition Inflation in the US

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Higher education costs have been increasing at a rapid pace, faster than inflation for the economy as a whole, for the past fifty years. It started in the 1960’s when the federal government passed the Higher Education Act to increase the amount of people able to afford and attend college. Regardless of the Unites States Government efforts to increase the affordability of college, federal aid programs have not risen to expectations due to the ever-increasing college prices. To lower the price of college, the government needs to cut back on student financial spending to go only to the lowest income families and create tax incentives for families to start saving up on their own. A college education has become the expectation for most youth in the United States. Children need a college education to succeed in the global economy. Unfortunately for the majority of Americans the price of an education has become the equivalent to a small house. The steep tuition of a college education has made it an intimidating financial hurdle for middle class families. In 1986-1987 school year the average tuition at a private university was $20,566 (adjusted to 2011 dollars) while in 2011 the average cost was $28,500 for an increase of 38.6%. Similarly in public universities there has been an increase in tuition: in the 1986-1987 school year the average tuition at a public university was $8,454 (adjusted to 2011 dollars) while in 2011 the average cost was actually $20,770 for an increase of 145.7%. Most families who are able to save for college try to do so, therefore their children are not left with large amounts of debt due to loans. Nevertheless, families are only able to save on average around $10,000, which is not enough to pay for a full educ... ... middle of paper ... ...ct. 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2011. . United States. Executive Office of the President. Making College More Affordable. White House. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. . Wadsworth, Gordon. The College Trap: Web-Based Financial Guide for Students and Parents. N.p.: Financial Aid Information Services, 2007. Google books. Web. 3 Dec. 2011. United States. Joint Economic Committee. College Affordability: Tuition Tax Credits vs. Saving Incentives. 1997. Web. .
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