The United States And The Federal Court System

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The United States has two types of court systems. One of those court systems is the federal court system. There are three tiers in the federal court system. The first and lowest tier is the District Court, the middle tier is the Court of Appeals, and the last and highest tier is the U.S. Supreme Court. The United States District Court is also the general trial courts of the federal court system. They have the authority to deal with all cases, both civil and criminal. In a trial court, the district judge examines the case and the jury decides the case. A magistrate judges, who is appointed by the district judges, assists the district judges in a trial case. They oversee cases such as issuing a search warrant and arrest warrants, conducting an initial hearing, setting bail, deciding certain motions (such as a motion to suppress evidence), and other similar actions. (Dept. of Justice, 2016) There are 94 districts courts with at least one in every state. Each district court has a bankruptcy court which oversees all insolvency matters, except in criminal cases. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a few district courts also have authority throughout the country. They have jurisdiction on matters involving claims against the federal government, international trade, and tax. (Dep. Of Justice, 2016) The United States Court of Appeals has 13 appellate courts. The 94 judicial districts are organized into 12 regional courts, each of which has a U.S. Court of Appeals. (U.S. Courts, 2010) Unlike the district court, the appeals court only has three judges and no jury. The court of appeals hears any appeals from the district court and certain federal administrative agencies. Their job is to review the case and decide whether or not the c... ... middle of paper ... ... level is the Appellate Divisions of Supreme Court which hears appeals from the trial courts such as the Supreme Court, county court, family court, surrogate 's court, and the court of claims. The appellate division of Supreme Court can also reviews matters of both law and fact in civil and criminal matters. (NY Courts, 2016) The highest court, which is also the last resort in the state’s court system, is the Court of Appeals. The court of appeals hears cases from the state’s intermediate appellate court and in some cases the trial courts. Once you have appealed all three levels, you can then consider appealing to the U.S. Supreme court. You can request for the Supreme Court to review your case. You will need to draw up a document explaining your case and why you are appealing. The Supreme Court will then review your case and decided whether they will hear your case.

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