The Types Of Abortion

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Laysa Diaz
Professor Jacobs
May 14th, 2014
Abortion is the interruption of an unwanted pregnancy. It is considered to be a procedure where a woman kills the fetus before being born. A lot of women have gone to illegal clinic’s knowing that is wrong to get an abortion. They risk their lives and wellbeing just to get rid of a problem that they have created. There are some countries’ that do not allowed women to get an abortion no matter of what reasons they might have. Woman have to think twice before getting an abortion done. This matter should not be taken lightly because of all the risks factors a woman could have later on in her life. Abortion should be considered illegal in all countries.
There are two types of abortion a woman could have in her life. One is the spontaneous abortion. This happens to a woman when the fetus has died in the uterus because of natural causes. A fetal demise is measured to be a spontaneous death. This means that the baby has died without the mother interrupting the pregnancy and now she has to look for a way to get the baby out. It could also be cause by the mother age or the health issues she might have. Doctors have said that this has happen too many woman. Spontaneous abortion can also lead to the death of the mother.
Second type of abortion is where the mother induces her pregnancy to eliminate the fetus. It is calculated that 46 millions of women in a year get an abortion all over the world. From those 46 million women who got an abortion, 20 million of them risk their lives more because they had an illegal abortion done. This type of abortion is more dangerous than the other one because you are making your body do something that it is not meant to do at that time. Woman do not think ...

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...ord. Sometimes woman act like a hard egg shell on the outside but in the inside they more fragile then what they let people see. Woman will suffer from other illness that they cannot control. This is what leads them into making decisions that they might regret in the future.
Everyone understand that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. That there are laws which protect a woman rights. Woman recognize that there body are their temple to do whatever pleases them with it. If she wants to get piercing all over her body she can and there are no laws against that either. Woman have the right to get an abortion if they want to. An abortion is considered to be an act towards a woman body but it does not mean it criminal. Woman understand the consequences that an abortion might bring down the road. They know that is not the morally right thing to do.
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