Abortion Pros And Cons

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Abortions have created many debates because it relates to ethical, moral, and legal issues throughout the world, because it is legal this topic is going viral. This issue leads to the question of the baby’s rights and the women’s rights. Abortion should NOT be legal anywhere because it not only takes away a human life, but can also affect your mental and emotional health, and it takes away a teenager’s/adult’s accountability. There are two types of ways to have an abortion, surgical abortion or medical abortion. Surgical abortion is a procedure performed in two different ways. If the women is in the first trimester the procedure is done with a suction. Around the twelfth week depending on the woman, it takes 2 to 3 days to prepare the cervix for dilatation. Medical abortion is done with two types of pills, mifepristone is the first pill you take to stop embryo’s growth. The second pill is called misoprostol, is taken a few days later to expel the embryo. When the fetus is aborted it is only the size of an average palm. However, some children can survive, Gianna Jessen was aborted and did not die. Her biological mother had a late-term saline abortion, where salt is injected into the mother's womb and it burns the baby inside and…show more content…
Rape is a despicable crime against women. Opinions are heated, and it seems that everybody has something to say about pregnancy in the case of rape. The woman who suffered from the sexual assault are more likely to experience distress after or during an abortion. When a woman gets raped, it isn’t wanted. If one was in that situation they wouldn’t want to constantly think about the fetus and how and when it occurred. One should not be obligated to go through the particular child birth. Who would want to give birth to a baby that would suffer his or her life not knowing who the father

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