The Top 7 Threats to Men's Health

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Prevention and Screenings: Mayoclinic: Men's Health: Preventing the Top 7 Threats: Mayoclinic offers pertinent information regarding the prevention and screening of the top 7 threats to men's health, including heart disease, cancer, motor accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and suicide. Taking the proper preventative measures to curtailing the top 7 threats will empower men to take control of their life. Agency of Health Care Research and Quality: Men: Stay Healthy at 50+: The U.S. Department of Health and Services offers valuable advice to men that wish to stay healthy after the age of 50, such as the recommended daily steps to good health, immunizations, screening test information, and a screening test form to take to a physician that will help assess each individual's health status. Women's Screening Test and Immunization Guidelines for Men (PDF): This table presents pertinent health information that addresses screening tests and immunizations for men. It should serve as a guide to follow when evaluating one's health according to each individual's age, weight and height. Healthy Delawareans with Disabilities: Men's Health: A resource addressing the importance of men's health for disabled individuals. This article provides valuable resources to help bridge the gap and live a healthier lifestyle. Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Men's Health: An overall assessment to preventing and screening disease in men. The Center for Disease and Control Prevention offers pertinent information that could help men conduct, track, and take action against disease invading their bodies and lives. The American Academy of Family Physicians: Men's Health (PDF):... ... middle of paper ... ...iled a set of problems to help students acquire knowledge about certain sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these problems address STD symptoms, fertility problems, curable STDs, and protective measures against STDs. Southeastern Louisiana State University: Sexually Transmitted Disease (PPT): A power-point presentation that address the common sexually transmitted diseases and offers solutions on how to avoid them. Williams College: Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A brief overview on the nature of sexually transmitted diseases, STD transmission, STD protection, recommended steps after discovering an infection, and key ponts for easy memorization. American Pregnancy Association: Male Condom: An informative source detailing the aspects of the male condom, including its usability, pros and cons, and overall effectiveness against pregnancy and STD transference.
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