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  • Titanic Case Study

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    company by becoming the single point of failure for his company by not applying Change Management to its end state. Body Part 2: Ismay was the Chairman of White Star Line. At the turn of the century, his company was losing both customers and money to the Lusitania and Mauretania, the newest ships serving White Star’s arch rival the Cunard Line. As historian Mr. Wyn Wade highlights in his book, Titani...

  • Titanic Persuasive Essay

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    whopping three years. The Titanic was built by a ship liner company called, The White Star Line. The White Star Line’s rival, Cunard built two of the fastest passenger ships thus far, so the White Star Line decided to fight back with plans to build a large, luxurious ship to outshine any ship Cunard could ever build. The building of the ship was left up to Harland and Wolff, common shipbuilders for the White Star Line. “Designed to be the world’s largest passenger steamship upon its completion, the

  • Titanic Research Paper

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    Making of the Titanic npag). The White Star Line, the Titanic’s owners boasted about her beauty and the fact that she was “unsinkable”. Later dubbed as The Ship of Dreams, RMS Titanic is still one of the most remembered marine tragedies. Her maiden voyage only lasted for four days, after a horrific collision with an iceberg on April 14th, 1912 (Eaton7). When the news began to spread, many rumors and speculations brewed about the British vessel company, The White Star Line, as well as her crew. The Titanic’s

  • The Titanic: The Death Of The Titanic

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    On March 31, 1909 White Star Line Shipping Company began construction for a ship known as the RMS Titanic. The ship was almost 900 feet long and weighed over 46 thousand tons. The Titanic was the largest ship to hit the seas during its time and it was built to be extremely sturdy. It was built so sturdy that White Star Line advertised the ship as unsinkable. In fact, the crew building the ship was so confident in its structure that they did not put enough life boats for everybody on the ship. Ironically

  • How Did The Titanic Sink

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    famous ship to ever sail-that was famous for sinking-never sank. Speculations rose when the ship sailed because the ship didn’t look like the titanic sitting in the dock. The titanic was built by a company called ‘The White Star Line’ which was financed by JP Morgan for that specific line of luxury ships that contained two other ships. There was the Titanic, the Olympic, and the Britannic. The titanic and the Olympic were practically twins. But unlike the Titanic the Olympic faced many issues. The Olympic

  • Wreck Of Titanic Research Paper

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    The Wreck of the RMS Titanic Nick E. Mohler English 12 Honors November 17, 2014 Stansbury   Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to consider and evaluate the wreck of the RMS Titanic, as well as its impact on the modern world. The objective of this is to provide information regarding the RMS Titanic’s various aspects, such as its accomplishments and achievements, as well as its imperfections constituting to the wreck. Economic aspects will be observed through the varying social classes

  • The Titanic Research Paper

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    The Titanic set voyage on April 1912 to New York. The Titanic and its sister ships, Olympia and Britannic were said to be virtually unsinkable by a magazine article, not the White Star Line. The Titanic was the second ship to set sail on its maiden voyage out of the three sister ships. The Titanic had been built a lot differently than most of the ships back then. For example, a normal ship was built with three funnels but the Titanic had four. The fourth funnel did not serve the same purpose like

  • Research Paper On Titanic Convergence

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    since the world was in the Gilded Age (Mendelsohn). For first-class passengers, the Titanic was more of a luxury hotel than just a steamship. It offered all the amenities of a five-star hotel: luxury suites, a swimming pool, an exercise room, a library, and a Turkish bath (Mendelsohn). The upper class would be White Star’s target market. The company ordered Thomas Andrews, its chief designer, to design ships that would make the wealthy feel like they were traveling the ocean in the finest hotel

  • The Titanic: The Sinking Of The Titanic

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    On April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean at 2:20 a.m. after striking an iceberg, with the loss of more than 1, 500 passengers and crew. Thomas Andrews knew the ship’s flaws when he designed her nevertheless, Captain Smith knew of the collision between the ship and the iceberg. However, left all faith in the “Unsinkable Titanic.” The sinking of the Titanic demonstrated the concept not only of the privileges of being a first class passenger, but also the responsibilities

  • Titanic

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    one (1). The intensely competitive transatlantic steamship business had seen recent major advances in ship design, size, and speed. White Star Line, one of the leaders, was determined to focus on size and elegance rather than pure speed. In 1907, White Star Line's managing director, J. Bruce Ismay, and Lord James Pirrie, a partner in Harland & Wolff (White Star Line's ship-builder since its founding in 1869) conceived of three magnificent steam ships which would set a new standard for comfort

  • Research Paper On The Titanic

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    The Titanic was known to be the largest unsinkable ship built. The Titanic was also known as one of the deadliest commercial disasters in modern history. “Not even God himself could sink this ship.” Said by an unknown crew member. The construction of The Titanic was built to be unsinkable, to be an icon of transportation, and to be a disaster that should have never happened. The layout of The Titanic was different from any other ship. The Titanic was the largest ship built in that time, it was made

  • Who Was To Blame For Sinking The Titanic Research Paper

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    At Fault for Sinking the Titanic In the early hours of April 15, 1912 the mighty RMS Titanic sank and took 1,503 victims with it. Many have argued what and who was at fault for the sinking, and it seems to me that all evidence points to the manufacturers were at fault for the sinking, specifically the engineer Thomas Andrews. Let's start off with the logic and evidence for the claim. Thomas Andrews made several faults when designing the Titanic. Blueprints were not even made for the Titanic. He

  • The Titanic Research Paper

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    The Chairman of the White Star Line, J. Bruce Ismay, proposed his idea for the ship based on a rivalry. At the time, another ship liner, Cunard, produced two ships, the Mauritania and the Lusitania (“The Build of the Titanic”). In 1907, the year they were built, they were the most

  • Titanic Informative Essay

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    hole has flaked away it is still possible to see spots of grey paint which form the undercoat.” (0.23 Plimplam) The Titanic had an original black undercoat, not grey. The RMS Olympic was the only ship to have that grey undercoat. ii. There is a White Star tradition where the names of the ships were engraved into the ship's bow. When researchers went to the bottom of the ocean the found that there were iron letters riveted onto the original bow plates that spelled out Titanic. “With the passage of

  • The Titanic Is To Blame

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    could never be destroyed. Like today’s society, the passengers were enjoying the time of their lives and thought nothing could ever happen to them because everybody thinks it’s the “unsinkable” ship, or at least that’s what everyone knew it to be. White Star Line’s Titanic was called the “Ship of dreams”. As they loaded up, many passengers of different classes and sectors of society thought that, that was the ticket to their dreams. But as time pass by from enjoying too much, little do they know that

  • Iceberg Right Ahead Chapter 1 Summary

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    chapters of the book are the background behind the ship and the where it all started. The first chapter starts by talking about some of the first ships made for transporting people and not goods. Out of those came a new boat company called the White Star Line. When two of the employees heard that a competing boat company called Cunard was making a huge ship called the Lusitania, they got together in 1907 and made a plan to outdo the competing company. They came up with the plan of making a ship much

  • Sinking Of The Titanic Research Paper

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    Lauren Webb 10/26/16 English The Titanic Just before midnight on April 10th, 1912 the first class passengers of the Titanic were sitting down for a luxurious evening of dinner and pleasures. Other passengers in second and third class were settling down for a quiet evening with family and friends. Little did they know what was about to happen. Within a matter of seconds, the largest ocean liner ever built struck a huge iceberg which wasn’t visible till the very last instant. The Sinking of the Titanic

  • The Sinking Of The Titanic

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    (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic was the second of three superliners constructed by White Star Line to cross the Atlantic. The superliner measured 882 feet in length, it was longer than the tallest skyscraper in New York, at the time, and the rudder alone was heavier than Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria. The Titanic was built of 20 thousand tons of steel and iron. When the Titanic was built in 1912 it cost White Star Line $7.5 million dollars. Courier Mail, The (Brisbane). 04/03/2012, p38-38. 1. The

  • The Titanic

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    A Typical First Class Stateroom on the RMS Titanic The entire room was color coordinated from the wallpaper to the bedspread to the thick carpet, it also included a writing desk, dressing table with a mirror, a wardrobe and a washing stand with two sinks. There was also a sitting area with a small table and chairs at the foot of the bed there was a bedside heater. The small table was frequently used for the snack brought by the bedroom steward. The snack contained things like, hot chocolate

  • The Titanic: The Titaking Of The Titanic

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    “It took two hours and forty minutes for the titanic to sink, just long enough for 2,208 tragic performances to unfold, with the ships lights blazing” (Sides 2). April 1912 the white star line’s pride, the titanic, left for its voyage that would change history forever. While traveling through the Atlantic Ocean they collided with an ice berg causing fractures throughout the boat. The ice water filled the compartments causing the front of the boat to weigh down the back, separating the boat in two