The Loss Of Lives On The Titanic

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It was a silent night on April 14, 1912, and the ship was cutting through the water like a knife. Suddenly, a huge jolt rocked the entire ship, shocking all the passengers and crew into full alert. Some of them had realized the fact that they were in terrible danger, for the ship has hit a berg that night at exactly 11:40 p.m. Most passengers and even crew members downplayed the event. None of them realized yet that by the time the first hours of daylight came, the Titanic would be gone, along with two-thirds of her passengers and crew. When the passengers realized their impending doom, it was already too late: lifeboats had been launched. After the sinking of the Titanic, many people believed it was simple bad fortune and found no legal negligence. Many have argued since the sinking about what the actual major factors were for the loss of lives on this ship. The major loss of lives on the Titanic is due to a combination of improper precautionary methods, poor weather conditions, and poor response overall to the situation. The Titanic was a ship notoriously known for being called “unsinkable”, when in actuality; the ship was just a time bomb waiting to explode. The precautionary methods taken to prevent the sinking were poor, if they even existed. Firstly, the design of the ship was poor and flawed, which was a factor in what caused the major damage of the iceberg on the ship. It also heavily affected the rate at which the ship sunk. When the ship was first designed, as to speed up the production process, the steel of the hull was made by semi-kilned low carbon steel made in the open hearth process, which lead to high oxygen content and this lead to high brittle fracture. High brittle fracture can lead to very dangerous situatio... ... middle of paper ... ... non existent. Even if there were any precautionary methods taken, they were ill-conducted and relatively poor. The weather also had an absolutely huge effect on the sinking of the ship and how many people died in that ice cold water. The iceberg also could have been spotted much faster if the weather was not so poor. Many lives could have also been saved if ships like the mysterious Californian had responded much faster, if at all. What was also very troubling about this night is the fact that newspapers gave misinformation about the ship, stating that was not a big crash, and many survived. Imagine the horrible shock that families received when they realized that the newspapers were wrong, and their loved ones were dead. The only improvement this ship did make was helping future ships and boat regulations. All thanks to that one horrid night aboard the Titanic.
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