The Three Stooges: Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger

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Only the most imaginative mind could fathom the thought of human beings being selected or

disregarded and even killed based on biological protocol. This scientific theory is responsible for the

reproduction of superior genes through heredity by controversial means. This idea is based on the

evolution of the human species or basically survival of the fittest. Charles Darwin who is the greatest

known scientist to ever live popularized this theory and is responsible for the brutality and death of

well over 100 million human beings. Darwin’s theory was known and used by Adolf Hitler and

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. These three minds are responsible for carrying out

the deadliest falsified scientific theory in the history of the world.

Eugenics is the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the

occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics(Oxford Dictionary). This notion can be traced to old

world cultures such as the Egyptians, but was popularized in the 19th century by Charles Darwin. Also

known as Darwinian medicine, eugenics has evolved from the theory that humans have remained in

an early mammalian state also considered by Darwin to be “savage(Guliuzza 32).” This was an

observation he had made when studying inhabitants on South American islands such as Terre Del

Fuego. Eugenics gained much notoriety in the early 20th century and was highly respected by scientist.

One such Biologist by the name Ilya Ivanov who graduated from Kharkov University was very

successful at artificially inseminating animals. Eventually he received grants from the Russian

Government to fund a new project. Three times he attempted...

... middle of paper ... race.

Hitler leaves behind a legacy of death as well as ideas that many people(my grandmother) believe are true.

With all who starved to death in Nazi Germany and the actual killings Hitler is responsible for there are nearly

20 million deaths. And for Margaret Sanger who has been dead for 45 years her legacy continues to be built;

as some say the numbers of Planned Parenthood abortions are approximately 50 million. However Darwin

takes the prize, because without him the reduction of the human species would not have been popularized the

way it was and still is. His notions and theories are broad and strong in the educational systems and with the

new generations challenging all truth, Darwin's legacy has and will continue to supersede. He is responsible

for all the death's put together and is the most dangerous man to ever live.

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