The Three Principles Of Nutrition

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Almost everyone in America has a basic understanding that what you eat has implications on your overall health. However, whether we choose to pursue a healthy lifestyle or not is a different discussion. Although there are many factors that determine what food we eat, we usually do not choose the best options for the advancement of our health; as evident by America’s obesity epidemic. Three principles of nutrition are balance, variety, and moderation. Most Americans obviously disregard moderation, and consequently the other two. Because of our disregard to the three principles, we are nutrient deficient. To improve our nutrition we must first understand the correct nutrition to intake. After being enlightened on nutrition and recording personal data on…show more content…
My goal is to continue keeping track of my dietary journal to make sure I regulate what nutrients I need and what nutrients I need to decrease for overall health. In addition to improving my overall health, I want to improve my body mass index (BMI). At 5’9 and 165pds my bmi is at 24.4. This is a normal BMI. I am very comfortable in my appearance but would like to decrease my BMI for a better cosmetic appearance and sit at a healthier weight for my body. My goal weight is below 160 pounds. With my actual calorie intake around 2100 calories, I plan to decrease my consumption to 1600 calories a day to try and loose one pound a week. My current diet fails to meet the three principles of balance, variety, and moderation. I need to be more mindful of my fat intake to make sure I am balancing carbohydrates, protein, and fat at the recommended proportions. Also, I need to create new menus for breakfast and lunch instead of my typical meals that lead to no variety. Through the intake analysis, I recognized what I was doing wrong and what I need to do to fix my dietary intake to achieve optimal

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