The Terrible Effects of Depression

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Depression is an illness or anxiety that fills people with sadness and question their worth. There are many reasons that take people to feel a certain way, and it comes in many different forms. It carries with it many different effects to people’s way of life. Depression occurs in people of all ages and genders. There are many reasons why so many people become depressed. This illness has the ability to control the person completely resembling changing their mood. For example, constantly eating and sleeping most of the day or not eating as they should. Making them have a hard time functioning normal throughout their daily tasks. That is one of the reasons why they may lose or gain weight, in some cases they do not feed themselves because they lose their enthusiasm for life during the time in depression. The effects that depression has on someone can truly be devastating. There are a lot of minor effects of depression, but there are also a magnitude of major effects that know how to change a person’s life. A couple of the minor effects may be low self-confidence, being sad most of the time and unexpected mood changes. The major symptoms have a severe negative effect on someone’s life and their body. So dreadful that can drive them insane, they begin to harm themselves by consuming unhealthy substances such as drugs and alcohol. Depression often drives people to commit suicide. Also their lack of self-convince pushes someone to not value their life and kill themselves to escape from a life that has no longer meaning to them. As well, they cut themselves, they think the pain of the wound will make them feel better and they think of it as an alternative way to deal with their problems. The illness not only affects the person with depression, it also affects their friends and family in a negative way. If someone is going through depression they also bring down their love ones with them, if they are on the verge of killing themselves do to the illness, they might even try to kill someone else who they do not like. No one really knows what they will do, since they do not care about themselves and have nothing to lose according to their mentality. It causes more stress to an already stressed individual, this causes the immune system to become weaker. Thus making people more vulnerable to illnesses.

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