The Telephone: The Great Inventions Of Alexander Graham Bell

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Everyone knows Alexander Graham Bell, the man behind the creative invention; the telephone. Not only was the telephone one of the biggest invention in the history of America, but it was the most successful one as well. During Graham Bell’s time period, the only way you could communicate to others was by writing letters which had usually taken about a week to get delivered due to the lack of transportation. While amused by Alexander, creation of the first telephone, he also created something to help deaf people. After his mother hearing started to decrease both Alexander and his father created something called, Visible Speech. This was to help create symbols designed to help the deaf have a finer communication. In this essay I will discuss Bell’s…show more content…
Although he had a difficult time getting the harmonic telegraph to work properly, Bell continued to make strides to get a patent for the first telephone. Bell finally caught a break in March 1876, not too much longer after his patent was allowed, he succeeded in transmitting speech. Bell stepped out of the box by using a liquid transmitter, along with Thomas A. Watson, who was a big contributor in Bell’s success, allocated the first telephone call. After Bell finally had a breakthrough in the first telephone call. Bell began promoting his new invention as he began public demonstrations on how the telephone worked. People all over the nation were ecstatic and in awe about this new invention. A couple years after the first telephone was patented Bell started his own telephone company called, “Bell Telephone Company”, which was organized on July 9, 1877. Bell, alongside his wife, Mable Hubbard, started traveling all around the world displaying the world’s first telephone. The invention of the first telephone seemed very successful for Bell, numerous red flags came up when it came to be believed that Bell wasn 't the first one with the idea of or the invention of the first telephone. While dealing with a plethora of court cases over the years, the telephone started to flourish all throughout the United States. Bell’s invention started to catch the eyes of other telecom companies, such as Western Union. Western Union started using Bell’s, telephones by buying patents from other, as the change led to a more successful

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