The Subliminal Seduction Of The Unconsciousness

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The Subliminal Seduction of the Unconsciousness Categorize:We see ads everywhere; (climactic word order- normal to most bizarre) on television, on screens in big cities, on billboards, in newspapers, in magazines, on public transportation, in bathroom stalls, in urinals and so much more.The advertising industry has become a huge part of our society .Unfortunately we don’t recognize the mind games media plays on our subconsciousness. If you pay close attention to the media around you there’s many advertising strategies you 'll be able to pick up. Example: When watching tv shows and movies, advertisers try to subtly show their product every once in a while. This is called referencing. If any of you remember watching Twilight you’ll remember one of the highlights of the movie; Edward’s volvo. Also if you’re ever watching a recent movie or tv show...look at the phones they’re using. 7/10 times, it’s an iphone. This picture is taken from an episode of Modern Family where we can clearly see a selfie being taken from an iphone 5s. Many advertisers try to get their viewers emotionally attached in order to exploit their emotions and force consumers to associate certain emotions with certain brands or products. Here’s a little ad from google that tries to get its viewers emotionally attached. Once the audience member gets emotionally attached, they get attached to the product itself. Many of you may or may not remember the father’s day ad that was trending on twitter? Yeah well that ad was for MetLife, an insurance company who used this very own tactic. Also you guys might recall the Canadian Molson beer ad? This gave Canadian viewers a feeling a patriotism which allows canadians to associate drinking that beer with being a proud Canadian.... ... middle of paper ... ... to include it subliminal in their ads. Real world reference: Think of this class we’re in right now. English requires everyone to think deeper and to (repetition) question their subconscious minds, question why we feel certain ways about certain things. English class is basically the one thing that’s stimulating our minds and allowing us to have a tiny bit a control over the stimulation in our subconscious mind. ADS however are a bit harder to analyze than poems, since many of the messages are not meant to be deciphered by the conscious mind. Everyday advertisements are finding different way to crawl into our subconsciousness without our knowledge or consent. The media is seducing its audiences into believing what they want them to believe through many tactics, both obvious and subliminal in order to enter their subconscious minds. Don’t let yourself become a slave

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