The Struggle of Women for Equality in the Workplace

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Women were viewed as an object to their husband back in the 18 and 19th century, and they could not take on a job because they would break American society’s expectations. A job is essential for survival in any part of the world because prices have increased for everything. Now times have changed and women have the potential and ability to work or access any career of their choice. They do not have to take on any typical feminine job such as a teacher, but they can choose to take on masculine jobs such as becoming a scientist or even a mechanic. However, American society still puts pressure amongst women to choose trendy jobs well suited for their gender and looks down upon them for not following into social norms. American Society does have standards for women and although it is not to be the typical housewife, it does not want women doing better than men. Instead American society puts up barriers to slim the chances for women to strive, which causes them to choose these feminine jobs or careers.
It is no surprise that women are not able to take on less feminine jobs due to the lack of resources that are accessible to obtain because men always have a better advantage. In “Research On Women Business Owner: Past Trends, a New Perspective and Future Directions,” Dr. Candida Brush, a Division Chair for Entrepreneurship, states, “Since 1970, the percentage of businesses owned by women has increased from 5 percent to 30 percent” (Brush 1038). The increase in the percentage demonstrates how society has changed by providing women with advantages they did not acquire in previous years. Although it is less likely to be seen, women can currently become a chief executive officer without being judged and even get admired by other wome...

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