The Story Of Crashing A Motorcycle

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How Crashing a Motorcycle Led me to a Path of Success!

Have you ever been so afraid to do something that you once enjoyed, you feel that you are missing out on an opportunity to enjoy your life fuller ? My story starts as I was riding a motorcycle for the first time in 25years. I looked ahead at the bumper of a Lexus and the gravel in the driveway. I know I was not going to make the turn, in that moment my memory flashed back to the time that I lay in the dirt after an accident on a dirt bike, knowing I was seriously hurt and wondering if I would survive. I engaged both the front and rear brakes hard! I knew I was going to crash. My moment of success is when I wanted to ride a motorcycle again, but I wiped out. Often people think
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I got up and picked up my bike. My mirror was broken, my clutch handle was half there and my kickstand had snapped. I was too far from home to walk back, so I took a deep breath got back on the bike and rode it home. I was shaking as I started out, but as I made it around the first bend and then the second, a sense of elation came over me. I had gotten back on, I was not hurt, and somehow my fear of falling or crashing was muted. I had fallen and I was okay! In that moment, I knew I would overcome my fear and would once again enjoy an activity I had denied myself for so many years. I was not riding fast or even near the speed limit, but I was okay. The wind in my face as tears streamed down it, not from fear but from joy. I knew in that moment I did have the ability to overcome a fear I had carried for over 25 years. The journey would take time and a few gut wrenching moments, but I would be…show more content…
You cannot do so when you are afraid to take chances. Living to your full potential means you are happier, and have a fulfilling live . Fear prevented me from living to my full potential. Fear stops you from loving more fully, causes you to worry about what others think, and leads to questioning your choices. Fear stops you from living in the moment. When I found myself allowing a fear to affect my decisions, I would remind myself of how many years I missed out on something I truly love doing, because of fear. Overcoming fear has allowed me to live to my full potential. Success truly comes when you live to the fullest and be all that you

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