The Average Man Does Not Want To Be Free By H. L. Mencken

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H. L. Mencken wrote “the average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.” I agree with this quote because of the deeper meaning it has behind it. In today’s society people do not seem to have ambitions or dreams that they want to pursue. A lot of people settle with a job that pays just enough to make a living or they do not go beyond their limits to get a higher education to be able to make more money. These people are overcome by fear. They are afraid to continue moving forward and taking risks. The quote itself can be translated into, an everyday person does not want to be happy and ambition. That person will settle with what will keep them alive. I agree with this quote for a few reasons. To begin, the people in today’s…show more content…
This can mean many things to different people depending on how it is interpreted. However, I interpret being free as being able to do whatever one desires with no worries at all. This only comes when a person has a great mind to believe that something greater is waiting for them after the hard battle they are dealing with is over. The determined minds that believe anything is possible if work is put in and there is no giving up. These are the people that will prosper and become “free”. Everyone is capable of doing this, it is just putting your mind to work. In today’s society, people are not as mentally tough as they were before. Their minds are too distracted by phones, computers, the internet, drama, and all they stressful and unnecessary things that are believe to be necessary. They are too caught up with these things that time is wasted and that time could have been used to work and plan something increible. Time is something that cannot be bought, it just goes and does not stop. The average person needs to be able to recognize this and then devise a plan to be able to do more than just be…show more content…
We all know that staying safe will keep us alive, but it is a boring way to live. The biggest regret a person can have is never trying what they always wanted. As mentioned before, time never stops, so it is crucial that they act now. We fight a battle before we are even born against millions of others to see who will get to the egg first and be fertilized and born. We did not come to this world to just be safe and to be afraid to do new things. We all have a reason to be here and the journey of life is to find our purpose in life. It is what makes life so great, but to get their we must take risks and overcome that fear. People are afraid of taking risks because of failure. They are afraid to fail and not get anywhere. However, that fear can be overcome is they keep pushing and keep trying and keep taking risks. Taking risks will get a person out of their “safe” comfort zones and the result of this can be something so

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