Overcoming Fear Of Failure

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People usually afraid of failure because they tried to do something and failed, or took a risk and it didn’t pay off, or made a decision and it turned out to be the wrong one. That fear of failure create the stress and anxiety when people want to do something hard or try something new. Just because you tried something two or three time and failing does not mean the entire idea is a mistake. Do you expect to get a Blackjack on every game that you played? That would be an impossible thing to do. There is no success that comes without failure, where failure is experiences and lessons that help you to perfect your works. People should overcome their fear of failure and use failure as a tool to work toward their success because failing is so important…show more content…
He went home, locked himself in his room and cried. But now he owns six MBA champions, and 5 MBA MVPs; that moment of getting cut from his high school basketball team become nothing. Walt Disney was fired from his first job because people said he is lacked of imagination and had no original idea; this man is now the creator of the biggest company on producing cartoon and children entertainment, Disney. This man failed in business twice and was defeated in eight elections. With all of his effort and never giving up when things get hard he became the tenth president of the United States; this name named is Abraham Lincoln. Those people are examples of overcoming failure and become successful. They did not let the pain of failure stop them from being successful. They keep fighting and thrive for victory. Those are examples of failure is only help people to reach their goal sooner or later. What matter is how hard you try and how bad you want to be success.
Clearly failure is not something for you to fear of. Success is good but it usually make you corky and greedy, where failure give you self-realization and self-examination. So do not be afraid of failure, just put everything you have in to what you doing. Sometime you win sometime you learn. Because if you are so afraid of failure and won’t learn from it, you can literally fail your way to success. Like a wise man said: “Even a broken clock is right twice a

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