“The Storm”

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“The Storm” In the short story “The Storm” by Kate Chopin, there are two storms that are actually taking place here. This story is mainly focused on the lost love of old lovers, but there are a lot of hidden meanings in the story told behind the characters and their surroundings and how throughout the story “the storm” is being symbolized. The first storm, which is takes place on the outside with the natural world which is consisted of heavy rain, thundering, and gusts of wind that accompanies it, the second storm which is a storm between two old lovers that rekindle a passionate romance, with the storm raging outside, which leads to adultery for both of the married characters Calixta and Alcee. In this case rekindling the love for one another just made them appreciate and understand their partners even more. The main character of the story Calixta, whose is a caring wife and mother, this shown by the sewing of the clothes that she is doing, and the hanging of her husband’s sunday clothes in the beginning of the story, has a slight moment in deceit. The two main characters, Cali...
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