Compare And Contrast The Storm By Kate Chopin

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The Comparison “The Strom” By Kate Chopin and “The Girl by Jamaica Kincaid
Throughout history writers have offered readers lessons through themes and often symbolized. In the story, “The Storm” by Kate Chopin is quite different from “The Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid; both have a different theme, symbol, throughout the stories. “The Storm” in Kate Chopin 's story can symbolize a number of different things: temporary, fleeting and quick action, and without consequences. Kate Chopin was born February 8, 1850 in St. Louis. She was raised by a single woman; this impacted her views in the family at an early age. She began her own family at a young age; Kate had a different method compare too many women in her time. As time progressed, she developed a bad habit of dressing inappropriately. Soon she started to publish stories about the experiences and stories of her interests such as women’s individuality and miserable
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Kate began to express a sexual activity that was a temporary phase that had no consequences. The tittle “The Strom” is a symbolism of abstract because as a reader, you can feel the suspense building up in the story. It is a symbol of femininity and a temporary phase of passion and sexuality. In addition, Kate was passionate about her writing. For example, when the narrator said, “A bolt struck a tall chinaberry tree at the edge of the field.” (123). The lighting bulb is a concrete symbol of temporary, passionate, and energetic the between the lovers. In her writing, Kate Chopin symbolized a lot of emotions in throughout her story. The narrator said, “When he touched her breasts they gave themselves up in quivering ecstasy, inviting his lips. Her mouth was a fountain of delight. And when he possessed her, they seemed to swoon together at the very borderland of life 's mystery”. (123). Also symbols how passionate she became towards him and she became eager of wanting
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