A State of Mind in Kate Chopin’s "Storm"

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During the Victorian women were sees as slaves to their house hold. Kate Chopin uses the beginning, climax and resolution of the story as a storm. Throughout the story she uses vivid imagery and careful word choices in order to add detail to the dramatic plot of the story. Kate Chopin’s "Storm" represents something much greater than a weather phenomenon but a metaphysical symbol that represents freedom of choice, and women birthright"; Kate Chopin also describes how men are the creators of these storms. A storm defined by the Princeton dictionary means "violent weather condition, or a direct and violent assault " Kate Chopin personifies and creates imagery of a dark ominous storm heading from the distance with an ominous presence and dark intentions. “…sombre clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west, accompanied by a sullen, threatening roar.” The calm before the storm is all but gone, the storm pressing closer and closer, yet, Calixta is not doing much before the unavoidable storm hits her home. By the use of symbolism Kate Chopin shows that Calixta willingly opens herself up in the beginning of the story. “She unfastened her white sacque at the throat” what can this represent? This poor defenseless woman lets her neck out in the open; just like an antelope in the wild that is tired of ruing from a lion gives up by turning their neck towards their predator and giving up their jugular. Calixta is not deterred by the ideals of the time and decides to take her conventional life out of the norm. Rebecca Long-Kluckner from the Association of Young Journalists and writers, writes the folloing "Kate Chopin wrote in a time period that believed women did not even possess sexual desires, but only behaved pro... ... middle of paper ... ...me. Were Calixta's actions correct? Chopin makes a great statement by describing women's feelings and needs identical those of any other man . The Storm is much more than just a storm but it's Calixta's state of mind, it also personifies women needs and faith as a natural unstoppable force. Chopin makes an extremely strong arguments for woman's equality. How a woman can act independently of a man, and how a man can supply the energy of a storm of emotions that can ultimately result in their personal freedom. I recently heard the following quote on the news and I believe is the perfect closing statement for this paper, " The oppressor is in power as long as the oppressed allow it to be so." Works Cited http://wps.pearsoncustom.com/wps/media/objects/2477/2537071/student%20papers/student%20paper%20kate%20chopin.pdf http://ayjw.org/articles.php?id=652909woman

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