The Trip On Mackinac Island

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To me, the drive felt like forever even though it was only 35 miles from Petoskey to Mackinaw City. As 10-year-old me sat in the back seat of my mom’s car, I remember repeatedly asking the question most parents dread to hear, “are we almost there?” Every time I asked she would shake her head in bemused frustration and respond, “you’ll know when we get there”. At the time, I was not sure what I was most excited for: the ride on the ferry, the big horses, the historical fort, the inevitable delicious ice cream; it all sounded whimsically amazing and I could not be more excited to arrive on Mackinac Island. When we finally did arrive to the port where we would board the ferry, my sister, my grandmother, my mom and I stepped out of the car into the windy May air. Immediately my mother’s eyes lit up, as well as my grandmother’s. My little 5-year old sister and I stood there, slightly confused until we finally noticed a giant man approach our family. He towered over everyone at an unimaginable 6’4”. His dark brown hair was cut short, almost like a buzz cut but not quite. I did not know who this man was. Next to him stood a much shorter Asian woman and she was beautiful. I still did not understand yet who they were. Perhaps moments later my mother finally whispered to me that he was my Uncle Eddy, her brother. My face lit up as I remembered stories my mom had told me of her childhood spent with her sometimes annoying big brother. I ran over and gave this strange man a big hug. The Asian woman, it happened, was his wife. I was a little shy around the both of them as I hadn’t really ever seen them in person before that I remembered. I remember my uncle introducing his wife, Jullianne, to my grandmother. She smiled very big as she rea... ... middle of paper ... ... again at any given time. Living in a time of war is not easy for anyone, and the expansive nature of the current war can make it even harder. Though many people in America may not feel as if they have been effected by the ongoing war, it is likely that everyone has in some way, shape or form. One group most effected are those who have loved ones serving in the military. People with family members that are serving have to face significant hardship and challenges as they cope with a person they care about being in danger. Being away means that family members often don’t have as deep of emotional relationships and while technology can sometimes make that easier, it can also be more frustrating. I don’t know where my uncle is now, and millions of others have the same issue. War truly is hell, for the people fighting and the families back at home. It effects everyone.

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