The Similarities And Differences Of The Egyptian And Egyptian Civilizations

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According to the modern researchers, the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations likely seem very similar. They had cities, a relatively high standard of living, music, arts , religion, writing, and literature.They both developed at the same time . However, they differed in important and some different ways, especially in terms of culture, politics, religion, art and architecture. Also, they have the geography which is their located differently.
Egypt lies on the fertile Nile River valley , and desert around it.The Nile river have effect to Egyptian's culture, it gave a rich natural fertilizing elements that helped Egyptian to grow plants. Also, Egyptian civilization formed by 3000 B.C. E., and they benefited from trade and technological. Back to Mesopotamia, it was located between Tigris and Euphrates river. Mesopotamia is made up of two regions, northern and southern. The Northern Mesopotamia was rich of fertile soil and it has the river flow often, so it made up hill and plains . They also farmed. Anyways, Both of the civilizations were established and surrounded by water, and it in the middle east and north Africa which is the greatest similarities between the two civilizations. I think the similarities and differences of the location and how they are living have big influences in their culture. They both were dependent upon rivers ,the Nile in Egypt and the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia. The other thing that they shared similarity is religion.
Both civilizations are polytheistic which means worshipped more than one god and built elaborate temples to praise their gods. The temple usually built of mud bricks, conical shape structures , or different shapes. They believed that the god created them , so their ...

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...or formal inscriptions on the walls of temples and tombs. For instance, priests used hieroglyphs to write down prayers, magical texts, and texts related to life after death and worshiping the gods. Hieroglyphs can use to decorate jewelry too. Also, they write the hieroglyphs on stone or wood. For example, the Rosetta stone with writing on it in two languages Egyptian and Greek, and it was using three scripts hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek.
Overall, The Egyptians and Mesopotamians had many similarities in their culture, religion, artwork, architecture, literature. Also,they have some distinct difference as well. Egyptians and Mesopotamians are the two first civilizations. They created many famous artworks, architecture, and they had leave their literature to the modern people. The Great Pyramid and Ziggurats known as their best structure in architecture.
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