The Second Amendment and Gun control

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“Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people.”(Luke Scott) I believe this quote is accurate because the more the government tries to make gun control less of a problem the more of our second amendment right is being taken away. There are number of ways that a criminal can obtain a gun, legally or illegally, but an honest citizen will go through through the legal process. Taking our 2nd amendment will only make the people vulnerable to government power.
James Q. Wilson a former teacher at Harvard University understands that taking guns away from the common people will only reduce the chance of surviving a possible attack of any sort of intruder.”Those that they cannot buy, they will steal or borrow”, Wilson talks about how whenever one tries to obtain a gun the legal way background checks occur as well as restricting the amount of gun purchase a month. Although even with all these restrictions guns are fairly easy to obtain illegally.
After reading his article I can see his point of view in my favor because criminals will be criminals no matter what weapon they use or how they obtain it, but a citizen that just wants to protect himself/herself will want to go through the legal process. Imagine if that is no longer an option, more people will seek illegal ways to get guns and the criminal rate will just increase. Criminals will see that people will be defenceless and they will flourish in many towns.”Such a ban will only increase the criminal ability to victimize the innocent.”
“Over the past 20 years, gun sales have absolutely exploded, but homicides with firearms are down 39 percent during that time and “other crimes with firearms” are down 69 percent.” This w...

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...n control is not the safe way to go. I would also help support campaigns to spread the word out and help make it a bigger issue to our concern because there isn't much being done about it currently.
“Protect children, not guns.” Why not both? I understand that a first concern is a life but you have to keep in mind what you're doing to keep someone safe. The people who say this don't realize that by not defending our rights it will only get harder to defend ourself as well as the people we love. Protecting gun rights is not something we prioritize over the safety , its something we prioritize because we want safety.Taking our 2nd amendment will only make the people vulnerable to government power. Like i said before the more power we take from our rights the more we give to our government. Overall who's gonna take better care of us the ourselves or the government.
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