The School System For Public Schools

We frequently hear older generations complain about our generation. But the thing is, prior generations have set up our whole structural system. As early as 6 years old we have been a part of the regulations, schedules, and consequences that they put into place. But, what if that’s the point at issue?

However, it turns out, our schooling system for public schools has not changed in a 100 years, according to Encounter Books. “When our public education was created in the 19th century, its primary goal was to produce obedient factory workers to fill the new jobs being created by the industrial revolution. Industrial revolution schooling involved industrial revolution goals and industrial revolution methods, organization, standardization, and an overall assembly approach, but the needs of the 21st century are not the needs of the 19th century.” (Encounter) Public schools are underperforming. So a great deal of money is being put into the school system, but we ironically keep getting poorly educated kids out of them. The ways of teaching need to change over time as the needs change. Test scores have stayed at the same percentage since the 1970’s, yet there hasn 't been any action taken to fix mistakes. The fault is not a shortage of money it is a shortage of value.(Encounter)

An individual 's brain can differ from the rest as much as the variety of sizes differ in an age group. “We argue that one-size-fits all assessments disadvantages students who are English Language Learners, in the USA, as well as students with limited economic resources, special needs, and not reading on grade level.” (Eric) You might wonder how standardized testing got started. Well these types of tests appeared once legislation passed No Child Left Behind. Th...

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... to afford the best tutors. It is not that wealthy students are smarter than poor students, but they have an advantage because of their wealth.” (Zakarin)

“The national institute of mental health reports that anxiety in children and young adults has been increasing since the 1950’s. The increase in standardized testing may contribute to this.” (Buzzfeed) Most of a person 's young life revolves around school. It is placed into our minds that if we put our hearts and souls into our work we will get into an exceptional school with an exceptional career. But, that is not regularly the case. They are important to an extent, but we shouldn’t obsess over it. 40% of parents feel like their students exhibit levels of school related stress. “The SAT is bad because it measures how well you can take a test rather than how much intelligence you actually have.” (Buzzfeed)
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