The Roman and U.S. Military

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The Roman Republic military was one of the first well-organized military of all time. Because of this, most succeeding militaries follow their example by adopting and adapting some of the same characteristics. The Roman and U.S. military are from different eras, but still share similar characteristics as well as vast modernized differences that have established the U.S. military as efficient and organized.
Separating a military into unique specialized forces increases efficiency and the Romans knew that. The Roman legions consisted of: “10 cohorts to one legion, six centuries to one cohort, 10 tents to one cohort, eight soldiers to one tent, 120 cavalry” (Lloyd, 2013). The Roman formation was the triplex acies, which was the hastati, principles, and triarri. In addition to the triplex acies, the velites were at the front of the line. The velites were the skirmishers that were armed with a javelin and gladius, a short sword; their main goal was to weaken the enemy as much as possible using projectiles. After the velites completed their attack, the triplex acies would constantly rotate to the front of the line to take waves of the battle so the others can rest. The first to start the battle would be the hastati, followed by the principles and then the triarri. The Roman formation allowed for soldiers to rest and fight with a consistent effort and the soldiers knew exactly what they were suppose to do since their organization and duties were established (Hanson, 2008).
Following the Romans, the U.S. military is split into different branches of specialized soldiers. Instead of having generic soldiers, the U.S. have branches specialized for land, sea, and aerial battle. There are five branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine C...

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