The Roman Empire

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When discussing the greatest empires in the history of the world, one that will always be included in the conversation is the Roman Empire. With an empire that spread from Hadrian’s Wall to Arabia, it is considered one of the mightiest empires in history. There was no single factor or individual that can be considered to be the driving force behind the success of the Roman Empire. It is rather a success founded upon political policies, military strength and cultural prosperity. No empire in history has ever spread without a great military force. The Roman military stands out as one of history’s greatest forces. They were virtually unbeatable. One of the Romans many strengths was their ability to manufacture weapons. Roman weapon makers were able to enhance upon the technologies of other cultures. This gave the Army a tactical advantage over their adversaries. With stronger and more effective weaponry, the Roman Army was an unstoppable force. As their empire grew so did their arsenal of weaponry and consequently the effectiveness of the Roman Army. A prime example of how the Romans adapted weaponry that they encountered was the Gladius Hispaniensis. This was a Spanish long sword that was 34” in length. The Romans utilized the Gladius, as it is commonly know, in chariot warfare. Previously they had used their own short swords that had proven to be inadequate on the battlefield (Real Armor of God). In order to increase the number of soldiers within their armies, the Romans would often incorporate new soldiers upon conquering a new territory. This was done instead of the common practice of slaughtering the soldiers of those that had been conquered. In order to ensure that these mostly unwillingly recruits would not... ... middle of paper ... ... States. Although the Roman Empire may have fallen a long time ago, it can be said that its influence spread far past its own borders and transcended time. Works Cited Dambrath. The Successes of the Roman Army. 24 March 2009. 26 Sept 2010 . Lendering, Jona. Provinces (Roman). 2010 Sept 2010 . Real Armor of God. Roman Swords and Daggers. 2010. 26 September 2010 . Think Quest. Roman Roads. 2010 Sep 2010 . UNRV History. Ancient Rome Government. 2010. Sept 26 2010 . Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew. Roman Empire: The Paradox of Power. 05 11 2009. 26 Sept 2010 .

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