The Role of the United States During World War II

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World War II was a horrible event that will be remembered as one of the darkest Points in human history. With estimates of deaths ranging from 60 to 80 million, it is unthinkable to imagine that this chaos was allowed to grow and erupt as it did. Many Americans in the United States, simply thought the madness in Europe would be contained to that continent. However, a new enemy brought the war to our shores. “When the war began, the United States had entered a period of isolationism. Americans viewed the conflict as Europe’s problem and wished to keep it that way. However, as the situation in Europe grew increasingly overwhelming, the United States began to slowly edge towards going to war.” The final point, of course was the surprise attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. However, in reality, the attack may not have been such a surprise and unforeseen event since tensions between the United States and Japan had been consistently heating up for several years even before the attack even happened. While the United States was still suffering with an economic meltdown due from the Great Depression, Japan was fervently digging its way out of a financial crisis they themselves were in. The Japanese had thought that their best hope for staying alive was hinged in their ability to expand their militarily further. While following this philosophy, the Japanese had attacked and occupied the southern region of Manchuria in the fall of 1931. The purpose of this attack was for the Japanese to gain territory rich with raw materials on the mainland. The only problem was that Manchuria was already under control by another country China and was made an area of strategic importance to the USSR. Although the United States never truste... ... middle of paper ... members of Congress relented and finally allowed for an American intervention in the war. Sources • JDF78, . "hubpages." Last modified may 21, 2011. Accessed April 4, 2014. • New York Times, "united states history." Last modified 2011. Accessed April 4, 2014. • will, herring. "slide share." Last modified may 13, 2011. Accessed April 4, 2014. • Garham, Martha. "voice across time." Last modified 2004. Accessed April 4, 2014. • "history of american wars." Last modified 2012. Accessed April 4, 2014.
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