The Role Of Social Media Enhances Social Relationships

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Premise 1: social media enhances social relationships
Premise 2: social media hinders personal relations
Premise 3: Social media enhances social relationships more than it hinders them
Conclusion: social media enhances social relationships
The topic for this paper is ‘The role of social media in social relationships’. The social media plays a big role in shaping how people relate with each other. It creates a platform where people can meet and grow their relationship. There are several cases of people who have met on social media and their relationship has grown very strong; some even end up as best friends or even couples. The thesis statement of this paper is; Social media enhances social relationships more than it hinders them. I strongly
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The social media creates an opportunity for people to meet and also enables people to meet their long lost friends who are in the same platform. For example, people can use Facebook to find their old friends with whom they have lost contact. The same happens on Twitter and Instagram. The social media is also a place for people to carry out business activities, and here sellers can meet their buyers and get to know each other better and even become friends. People with the same interest have special page to fit their interest and lifestyle on Facebook and other social media pages. For example, there are pages created for people in the same profession such as lawyers, teachers, accountants, among others (Mandiberg 2012). On meeting here, these people can interact well and become close friends even if they never get a chance to meet. Since they share a lot in common, heir relationship can only get better. They reach out to each other when they are having challenges or any other issues. What makes social media a very effective platform in enhancing social relations is the fact that it is cheap. People do not have to spend much to be on these sites. They only pay for the internet connection which is quite affordable. Therefore, most people can afford to stay online most of the time and this increases the chances of meeting new people and interacting well. If it were expensive to communicate on social media, it would not be easy to interact well on the same platform (Fouts

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