Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Single thing cannot change the world.

Prejudice and discrimination have been ubiquitous throughout human history, so the battle against them seems to have no end. Most people believe that there is an inverse relationship between education and prejudice which indicates the higher education may increase the tolerance; that would wipe out prejudice. Although education plays such an important role, it is considered as one of various efforts to fight against prejudice and discrimination. In other words, it would be challenging and difficult for education to be alone in the battle of curing the world of prejudice and discrimination.
Prejudice refers to personal attitude and perception toward a different group of people based merely on their membership in that group. Prejudiced people direct their prejudice towards
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In this perception, we are distantly related to each other, this means that we should live in large groups and have to learn to work and get on with each other, regardless of race, nationality, age, sex, religion or appearance. Humanists believe in treating people as individuals, not in stereotyping and discriminating against entire groups of people. Although we all have educated this theory from compulsory science curriculum in school, we always ignore this perception, and make decision based on personal experiment and point of view. This is sometimes irrational, which may lead to prejudice and discrimination. For example, in the US history, racism discrimination has been a major issue since the colonial era and the slave era, White Americans have discriminated Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, European Americans and Asians; they also had the prejudice that “Negro blood is not the same as the White” despite the fact that deep down, we are all the
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