Is Racism A Permanent Feature Of American Society Essay

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Issue 9 “Is racism a permanent feature of American Society?” article talks about the ideology of racism and how slavery is being blamed for racism. According to the article Derrick Bell argues yes that the prospects for achieving racial equality in the United States are “illusory” for blacks. Issue 9 states that America’s society is based on racism and does not live up to its creed. Derrick Bell explains that how African Americans were ashamed to be slaves, today racism still exists, and how African Americans will never gain equality in America. Derick Bell racism shapes American society as a whole today. Derrick Bell believes that discrimination is practiced indiscriminately on a day to day basis. Whites are ready to applaud and idolize black athletes and entertainers, but refuse to hire or even work in the same place/team with a black person. Derrick Bell is for the issue of racism being a permanent feature of American society and will not change.
Issue 11 “Did Hurricane Katrina expose racism in America?“ article talks whether or not did hurricane
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For Example According to Dinesh D’Souza whites refuse to hire African Americans and work with them. Today we see a lot that occur and continues that way. As Dr. Ellis mentioned in class the Europeans wanted to colonize the rest of the world which includes America. Which can explain why whites have a fear of African Americans advancing. In the American society almost everything/anything is based on racism. Race influences a lot decisions made in the U.S. “Minorities are underrepresented in our elite universities, and therefore opportunities to serve in top policymaking or policy-analytic positions (and opportunities to serve in positions that enable one to acquire the knowledge, experience, and contacts to qualify for top positions) rarely go to minorities.(Ron Mincy, Is racism
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