The Role Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

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APRN Learning Outcomes The role of advanced practice registered nurses in health care has been identified as a critical role in the goal to provide high-quality health care. APRNs have a bigger role to play in the health care system and it is important that students are provided with relevant and valuable knowledge as well as experience that improve ability. Achieving course objectives is critical for APRNs with the goal of contributing positively to the healthcare system. As a future APRN, I place high priority on life-long learning and the development of other people’s skill sets. All duties associated with health care require a dedication to excellence and selflessness. These are two components of learning that will improve the capabilities of any APRN or health care professional. I will embrace the need to always keep learning as this field requires one to understand that new things can be discovered every day. I consider this to be an indication of my progress in this course as I can highlight the need for life-long learning as a key competency and identity of an APRN. This field requires an APRN to have the ability to interact with any population group as patients will come from all types of backgrounds. This course has allowed me to identify the variety of population foci for APRN practice. Neonatal, pediatrics, adult-gerontology, psychiatric-mental health, women’s health/gender related, and family/individual across lifespan are the six identified population foci for APRN practice (Hartigan, 2011). Upon successful completion of my studies I aspire to take up my role within one of the identified population foci. Nursing practice is constantly evolving and this means that APRN roles and population foci will also evolve. APR... ... middle of paper ... ...Patience is another virtue which I hold true to myself and this will be a critical asset as APRNs interact with all kinds of patients and visitors on a daily basis. It is important to maintain an open mind when dealing with a difficult patient or visitor because people react to health problems differently. As an APRN, I intend to be an understanding and interactive practitioner. I am a naturally calm person even in the midst of disorder and this will serve me well as a nurse practitioner considering the hectic nature of the profession at times. There are times when I understand that I will be required to work for long periods non-stop or work with multiple patients simultaneously. I believe that my personal attributes along with the knowledge acquired in this course, as well as future studies, will help me carry out my responsibilities to the benefit of the patients.
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