The Revolution Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution began in seventeen seventy-five and featured the colonists rebelling against England for their freedom and independence. The revolutionary war was not one without reason; for, there were multiple accounts that led up to the gruesome years that followed the beginning of the American Revolution.
Initially, the concern over taxation was the starting off what is known as the American Revolution. The concept was simple. American colonists were angered by the taxes the King had imposed upon them. They believed they should not have to pay the king taxes of which they had no say over. However, the reason behind the taxes was to repay the debt caused by the French and Indian War, which had fought for the colonists’ protection; therefore, the king believed the colonists should help repay the debt which had been gained for their benefit. Colonists; however, did not agree and rebelled against the imposed taxes and acts the king began to impose on them, voicing their famous line in retaliation: “No taxation without representation.”
The stamp act of seventeen sixty- four was the first round of taxes to be enforced upon the colonists. The stamp act placed a tax on all paper products in the colonies. The colonists were enraged stating that the King could not enforce taxes on them because they did not have any representation in parliament to speak for them. Colonists attacked and mobbed tax collectors until this act was repealed in seventeen sixty-six.
After the stamp act came the Townshend acts of seventeen sixty-seven which imposed taxes upon tea, paint, paper, lead, and glass. Colonists reacted to the Townshend acts by boycotting all British goods until they repealed the act. When the act was repealed only tea wa...

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In seventeen seventy- five, the revolution had begun with Lexington and Concord being the starting place serving as the first of many battles. Thomas Paine aided to the war with his pamphlet Common Sense firing up colonists to join the revolution in seventeen eighty-six. The colonists fought hard to earn their victorious freedom behind General George Washington against the red coated British. In seventeen seventy- eight an alliance between the colonists and France was formed lending the colonists their legendary Navy to combat the British. The aide of the French cut off British supplies leading to the British surrender and ultimate defeat. The war lasted a long brutal eight years until surrender occurred at Yorktown in seventeen eighty-one; despite surrender, the treaty of Paris granting America its freedom would not be signed until seventeen eighty- three.
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