The Relationship Between Biblical Teaching and Ethical Behaviour

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The Relationship Between Biblical Teaching and Ethical Behaviour

All Christians share the belief that the Bible is divinely inspired.

We all turn to it to be challenged and inspired by it, and to expose

ourselves to the divine perspective. For the church the Bible is

normative. That is to say the church places itself under the authority

of scripture. The Biblical definition of ethics is connected with

doctrine and they are not offered apart from a set of guidelines and

teachings of the Bible.

Biblical teaching is the study of good behaviour, motivation, and

attitude in light of Jesus Christ and biblical revelation. The

ultimate standard of Christian conduct is Christ Himself. The goal of

a Christian in their thinking and in their behaviour is to be come

more and more like Christ. Following the claims made by the Books of

the Bible, the message is a contribution to the ongoing and continuous

account about the character and will of God and the description about

the nature and will of God is the proper basis for answering any

ethical questions. The reality is determined on the basis Biblical


Whereas Ethical behaviour is system of moral principles by which human

actions and proposals may be judged good or bad and are the rules of

conduct recognised in respect of a particular class of human actions,

including decent principles of an individual. The Bible addresses some

of the discipline that deals with questions such as how should a

person act? What is right and wrong? The Bible sets its own agenda as

it highlights the foundations of all ethics and Gods standard for

human behaviour. Scripture is the final authority in eth...

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...ollow both

perspectives on how a person should behave. This is only because that

there are some rules from both sides that l agree and disagree with.

For example l would disagree with the biblical rules on abortion

because l think that abortion should take place in some circumstances

i.e. due to rape as a result the baby might not be wanted or teenage

pregnancy because most teenagers are not ready to become teenage


As l mentioned above that both ethical behaviour and biblical teaching

establish laws that dictate human behaviour. It is common for the

social laws to conflict with the biblical teaching laws. Because the

way Christians and society appeal to different authorities for what is

right and wrong. Overall they both have similarities and differences

to how a person illustrate declare good behaviour.
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